“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”
— Winston Churchill
Pasadena Museum of History

Pasadena Museum of History

Churchill knew what he was talking about.  All too often, people follow the status quo instead of setting their own singular story in motion. 

Chuck Stanislawski loves history.  In fact, he is a board member of the Pasadena Museum of History.  Chuck knows that we should never ignore history, but we cannot allow it to predict the future.

This is why Stanislawski & Company team members pay very close attention to every client's unique life experience, unique ideas, unique needs, and unique financial story.

Our clients are local, regional, national.  They are retired, mid-career, millennial.  They want to enjoy today and be fully prepared for tomorrow.  Therefore, they receive MORE tax expertise, MORE wealth protection, and MORE client time than typical CPA firms.

Whether managing your estate or planning your retirement, it's time to minimize tax liability, maximize assets, eliminate financial complexities, and forge your own path toward sustainable prosperity.