Chuck's additional achievements:

  • An acclaimed designation from the Institute for Preparing Heirs, an additional specialization which focuses on assisting heirs for inheritances. 

  • A Certified Tax Coach via The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches which specializes in sophisticated tax reduction strategies.  Clients have since saved millions in tax liabilities.

  • A celebrated speaker, author, and board member who has shared his knowledge and experience with high-profile businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout California.

Chuck and his beloved polo…scoring a goal too!

Chuck and his beloved polo…scoring a goal too!

A CPA Legacy that Lives On

A Father, a Son, and an Accounting Business for the Community.


Perhaps it was destiny.  I wanted to be a pediatrician, but I flunked chemistry in college and aced accounting.  Both my mother and my father were tax accountants too.  Their professional worlds were so often an integral part of our dinner table conversation that, by osmosis, I understood and admired the profession long before I pursued it.

Dad was originally an LAPD officer.  Not only did most officers have extra time between shifts, they also had either a need or desire to earn extra income.  So Dad studied and practiced tax accounting. 

Then everything changed in a blink.  It was 1960 when a drunk driver hit Dad while in his patrol car.  His back was injured so severely that he had to retire from the force.

Fortunately, all that part time accounting work was the alternative he needed.  Thus, Stanislawski & Associates was born.

Dad and Mom had three sons and a daughter.  I originally started at Stanislawski & Company as the executive sanitary engineer – emptying out all the trash cans at age 7.  Dad also let me bang around during the remodel of our first commercial building.  My fondest memory was carrying 5-gallon buckets of lath and plaster between my legs, because the buckets were so heavy and I was 40-pounds soaking wet.

My inspiration to take over my father’s firm stemmed from the fact that, since as far back as 1964 when he launched his firm, I always loved watching how invested Dad was in his people, his customers, his community, even his beloved office building. 

My brothers and I graduated from USC.  All of us became CPA's for Big Eight CPA firms.  Two of us joined Dad's firm in the early 80's.  When I first came onboard, I didn’t have much tax experience.  I would make my way through client meetings throughout the day.  Then at night, I would bring a pile of tax files into dad’s office, and we'd review every last one.  Dad would know every client detail and every different tax code that applied.  In fact, clients thought he could walk on water.  So did I.

33 years later, my iteration of Stanislawski & Company continues to honor Dad's legacy by refusing to turn off the lights until the job is done and done right.  Clients return year after year after year, because they see how we live up to promises and invest in the communities that we serve.  We are deeply honored to share this legacy with you.

- Chuck Stanislawski