IRS Representation

When You Need Help, Get the Best.


We have all heard the stories.  A notice from the Internal Revenue Service signals an audit, or some equally terrifying issue needs to be resolved.  Restless nights.  Finances in limbo.  Life as one knows it is put on hold.  And worst of all, because the matter was handled without expert assistance, the IRS hands rewards tax deficiency with a new bill that amounts to nothing less than devastation.  Liens, levies, garnishment, you name it, they will do it.

But not if Stanislawski & Company has anything to say about it.  

We dig right in to compile critical financial data that will help inform communications with tax authorities so a resolution comes sooner, not later and at a fraction of the potential cost.  And we can do so without you ever having to make a phone call to an IRS representative.  In other words, you are in the very best of hands, because we have been down this road plenty.

Comprehensive tax law knowledge coupled with a thorough understanding of IRS negotiating language is the formula that we have applied for decades.  We are fully aware that IRS auditors know precisely how to drag more information out of you than you have a legal obligation to provide.  They use fear and your lack of tax expertise to push you into a corner.  It's truly that simple.

Do not take time off from work or life to weed through the bureaucracy.  Do not lose wages or business opportunities.  Do not sacrifice bundles of hard-earned money when such penalties are readily avoidable.

If you receive an IRS notice, contact a tax relief specialist at Stanislawski & Company who will listen to your case, present potential outcomes, and get to work right away on a resolution, so you don't have to.


  • Amending returns
  • Analyze scope and advise on course of action
  • Appeals
  • Appear on taxpayer’s behalf at examination
  • Collect, organize, review records
  • Collection Appeal
  • Correspond with investigating agent
  • Delinquent Returns
  • Filing of past returns
  • Installment plans
  • Late payment/filing of payroll tax returns
  • Mitigate garnishment, levies, liens
  • Negotiate penalties, penalty defenses
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Research legal issues
  • Statute of limitations

"Dear IRS, I am writing to cancel my subscription. Please remove my name from your mailing list."

- Charles M. Schultz