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Small businesses and families have saved tens of thousands, even millions of dollars on their taxes.


Stanislawski & Company wants to be your guide toward an entirely new level of tax savings.  After more than 50 years and tens of thousands of business and individual clients, we know when people get stuck in routines that are acceptable instead of exceptional.  They manage assets instead of maximizing them.  They spend more time laboring than lavishing.  And they worry about the future without securing it. 

The Edge is an exclusive program that identifies unique ways to flip the tax code on its head.  Stanislawski & Company Certified Tax Coaches possess advanced training in tax planning and specialize in helping decrease tax liabilities.  A proactive, annual plan takes advantage of every deduction, every credit, every loophole, and every special strategy available.  Best of all, it's simple.  No wasted time.  No wasted fees.  And, no empty promises. 

It’s not about tax forms and returns. It’s about strategic research and results that actually pay off.  Take a longer vacation, or make it permanent.  Reinvest in your business, or launch a new one.  Use real estate to your advantage, not to the government’s.  In other words, get The Edge today, and do more of what you want tomorrow.

Our commitment to you:

  • Any client not 100% satisfied with the initial Stanislawski & Company tax planning session has their consultation fee waived.

  • If you do not save at least 10 times the amount of the consultation fee, we refund the entire amount.

  • Tax reduction results are made available within only two weeks.

  • Every consulting agreement comes with complementary client-specific recommendations for future tax reduction.

  • Repeat clients receive 25% off their consultation fee.

  • Clients who make referrals receive 15% off tax return services.

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The Edge

  • Coaching and PROACTIVE strategies to build your future

  • Confidence knowing you are paying the least amount of tax

  • A customized strategy created just for you

  • Flexible plans that incorporate new laws and adapt as your situation changes

  • Ongoing support

  • A team of advisors to give direction and accountability through goal-setting



Other Providers

  • Reactive and therefore costly

  • Overpaying tax and not knowing why or how to adjust

  • Boilerplate tax handling with little understanding of your specific needs

  • Lack of current policy and procedural understanding

  • Limited support and availability

  • Limited contact with you