Debt Consolidation & Refinancing

It is better to forgive than forgo.


Ben Franklin was right.  Nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.  But, he could also add the fact that many businesses and individuals are certain to face financial challenges at one point or another.  A roller coaster economy and increasing risks associated with wealth management are driving factors.

When companies face cash flow shortfalls and individuals battle insolvency, creditors face reality checks.  While restructuring can often result in some level of loss, smart, appropriate concessions should be made to sustain the financial arrangement.

That's where we come in.  Stay ahead of that curve and avoid unnecessary loss by partnering with Stanislawski & Company, experts in debt consolidation and restructuring.

From banks to bondholders, our team will evaluate you challenge and devise favorable solutions that help you avert defaults on existing debt, secure lower interest rates, and sustain favorable terms over the long haul. 

We also maintain relationships with investors and lenders who successfully specialize in debt restructuring.


  • Negotiation & restructuring terms
  • Bankruptcy Accounting
  • Refinance of commercial & residential loans
  • Managing transfer of tangible/intangible assets
  • Arranging equity interest in the debtor
  • Negotiating interest rate reduction, extending maturity date at a below-market interest rate
  • Reduction in the face amount of the debt or amount of accrued but unpaid interest

"The creditor hath a better memory than the debtor."
- James Howell