Income Tax

The Easiest Way to Save On Taxes is to Rely On People Who Know How.


Numbers tell one story.  Your past, present, and future tell another.  Stanislawski & Company knows how to add up all the chapters of your life in order to create a memorable financial narrative.

We share a deep passion for providing thoughtful, professional tax advice that carries through every aspect of your day-to-day.  This level of devotion remains the most important reason why clients in Pasadena, greater Los Angeles, and throughout the great state of California have trusted us with their precious assets for over a half century.

Let's face it, the government is also devoted to following your tax story... but not necessarily the way we want them to.  In fact, federal, state, and local income tax collection will equal over $2.3 trillion this year, approximately 26% of overall federal revenue.  That's why we specialize in helping tilt tax benefits in your favor, not theirs.

While we know that failing to live up to tax liabilities either on time or at all can result in fines, property liens or loss, passport denials, and even incarceration, failing to take advantage of myriad tax exemptions, loopholes, and other lesser known opportunities can also be punitive for your financial future.

Our team has prepared tens of thousands of individual and business returns over the years.  We have successfully navigated miles of tax challenges ranging from compliance complexities and resolutions to asset depreciation to cash flow projections to refundable and non-refundable tax credits to multi-state exemptions and so much more.


  • Audits, compilations
  • Corporate
  • Credits, incentives
  • Estates, trusts
  • Gross receipts
  • Individual
  • Federal, state, local
  • IRS representation
  • Payroll
  • Preparation
  • Property
  • Sales & Use
  • Tax planning
  • Transaction structuring

"Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today!"

- Herman Wouk