M&As, Buying & Selling Businesses

It takes a unique combination of confidence, expertise, and foresight to manage major financial and logistical transitions. 


Identifying value-add merger partners.  Managing negotiations.  Establishing deal terms.  Corporate restructuring.  Stanislawski & Company does it all.

As Harvard Business Review stated, "Developments in technology and globalization that started in the 1990s continue to up-end how we live and work.  They have forced firms to reshuffle the cards they hold and remix the ownership of assets in the economy."

Even smaller businesses with valuable business intelligence, products, services, and human resources continue to become worthy targets of larger operations.  Ongoing "disruptions" in various business categories also add to the proliferation of M&As. 

Our team of seasoned advisors will help prospective business purchasers navigate local market conditions, industry trends, and financial standings of acquisition candidates.

If you are selling a business, we can offer advice for obtaining the best possible sales price and payout terms.


  • Forecasting of short/long term performance and strategic compatibility 

  • Analysis of stock option agreements and plans, stockholder and voting agreements, warranties, stock appreciation rights plans and related grants

  • Recapitalization or restructuring documents

  • Agreements related to any sales or purchases of businesses

  • Material assets including inventory stock, real estate, equipment, technology; and research & development

  • Federal, state, local, and foreign income, sales, and other tax returns

  • Compliance and regulatory matters

  • Review of government audits

  • Tax sharing and transfer pricing agreements

  • Settlement documents with the IRS or other tax authorities

  • Net operating losses or credit carry-forwards


"Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow."

- Unknown