Succession Planning

Aligning Talent with Your Future.


The role of succession in a family business or any business has made a tidal shift.  Technology, competition, social change, and globalization have resulted in unparalleled complexities.  Deciding whether to carry on a legacy or even hand it over to the highest bidder have become increasingly challenging decisions that often have a deep impact on emotions.

For most business owners, retiring or changing professional directions means passing it on to family members or confidants, perhaps even positioning for sale or merger.  Successfully implementing such a transition requires a succession plan well in advance of retirement.

Stanislawski & Company offers a highly integrated program for making informed decisions about business, family, and assets.  We align with professional advisors to ensure seamless execution of a practical, profitable, pleasurable strategy that effectively cultivates resources for near and long terms.

Our team of experienced professionals will conduct in-depth research sessions with you to unveil key issues such as current business value, options for selling, tax and estate consequences, and future leadership possibilities, all with the empathy you deserve during such a significant time.

Allow us to provide innovative succession solutions for your closely held corporation, sole proprietorship, or general/limited partnership.  Begin building the roadmap to your future today.  And walk away happy.


  • Audit personal and business status
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Choice of entity structure
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Facilitation of communications with family members, clients, and outside stakeholders
  • Financial liquidity management
  • Talent consulting
  • Legal and/or tax status conversions
  • Reorganization assistance
  • Retirement analysis (create wealth, estate and retirement strategies for financial freedom)
  • Sale of business entities or interests
  • Transition oversight
  • Valuations
  • Value enhancement analysis to achieve maximum enterprise worth

"If you're going to live, leave a legacy.  Make a mark on the world that cannot be erased."

- Maya Angelou