When Both Buyer and Seller Win Big


We’ve had rave reviews from our existing clients and colleagues who commented on how much they’ve enjoyed reading the posts and how it has benefited them, not only on a tax basis but also on a business operating and/or non-financial basis. 

While advising on a multi-million dollar purchase of a South Bay area corporation, our recommendations as to how to structure the purchase, hold the new corporate entity, and procure the related financing saved the new buyers (children of the sellers) over $250,000 in taxes over the next five years. 

As the seller (parent) was also our client, our recommendations to the seller as to when to select the timing of the sale allowed the seller to defer over $250,000 in taxes for an extra fifteen months, thereby allowing the seller to earn over $20,000 in additional dividends and interest.

As you can see, we are very proud of our 50+ years of business consulting with hundreds of large, medium, and small businesses.  We feel that the best ideas come from the best CPAs.  So, call or email us today: chuck@stanislawskiandcompany.com.

Doug Forbes