Temporary Accounting: We're There When Times Are Tough


Because our specialty includes monthly accounting and business consulting for large, medium and small businesses, we have an opportunity to provide you with actual case studies where our recommendations have resulted in thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax and non-tax  savings... even millions.  Our hope in sharing these stories with you is that should you or your clients find yourself in a similar situation, you will think of Stanislawski & Company for assistance.

Probably once during a business owner’s life, (s)he finds that the accounting department shuts down either with prior notice or unexpectedly.  The reasons for this situation can include everything from scheduled staff time off or an abrupt departure of one or more in the department.  Should you find yourself in this position, we will become your virtual Accounting Department.

One of our nonprofit clients recently retained us on an interim basis to assist until the dust cleared.  It turned out that our monthly accounting fee was substantially less than the salary plus benefits the client was paying the ex-employee.  As a result, the client decided to hire our firm to handle the accounting on a permanent basis. 

Retaining their CPA firm to handle all accounting resulted in more timely and accurate financial statements.  And, the financial statements included our twelve-month trend statement (at no additional cost).  These statements significantly improved understanding of financial statements which therefore improved the overall operation and its future budget projections.

We are very proud of our 50+ years of business consulting with thousands of businesses we have helped operate more profitably.  T he best ideas come from the best CPAs, so call us today.

Doug Forbes