Expertise Examples


--     Sophisticated estate tax planning for a multi-generational family business resulted in saving over $5 million by recommending and implementing: 1) life insurance trust which shelters the $2 million policy from estate taxes; 2) recapitalization of the corporate stock in order to transfer non-voting stock to the children who are not involved with the company and voting stock for the children who are running the company; 3) defective grantor trust to transfer a significant amount of assets to the next generation, 4) grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT) to gift, at a discount, non-voting stock to children while retaining an income to the parents; 5) gifting of a qualified personal residence (vacation home) trust to transfer additional assets out of the parents’ estate while still allowing the parents to use the vacation home; and 6) generation-skipping provisions to shelter (skip over) from estate taxes $1 million from the grandparent to the grandchild.


--     $1.2 million in taxes were saved in one year by creating an optimal way to contribute highly appreciated, closely held stock to a private foundation and deducting its fair market value instead of its cost basis (which was nominal).  Our position was concurred with by one of the top law firms in Los Angeles.


--     A $650,000 unknown tax deduction was discovered by Stanislawski & Company, Inc. for the sole owner of a magazine publishing company; and the timing of that allowable deduction was optimally utilized to offset a new publishing venture generating an $800,000 profit.  Timing is everything!


--     $150,000 in combined taxes, interest and penalties were eliminated when a prior C.P.A. filed a taxpayer’s tax return while in the midst of a 1031 deferred exchange.  This filing triggered the entire gain--however, our firm (the new C.P.A. firm) was able to mitigate most of this by handling the transaction as an installment gain and deferring most of the tax until a later date and eliminating all of the interest and penalties.


--    Determination is Key – After working with the IRS office for over seven years on this one sole project, Stanislawski & Company, Inc. and our client’s attorneys were able to work through a complicated series of audits and negotiations resulting in the release an L.A. county recorded tax lien for over $525,000.


--     Our business management department has the experience to know when and how to advise our clients of when they are not meeting their financial goals.  For example, we were able to advise and encourage a client to change his spending habits now so that he would accomplish his financial goals for retirement, and at the same time eliminate the possibility of an impending bankruptcy.


--     Because of our large client base, we are able to utilize and network with many of our existing clients concurrently.  For example, we were able to procure the purchase of a new automobile exceeding $120,000 and at the same time save our client thousands of dollars on his purchase because our other client deals in selling these specific automobiles.


--     During the last 50 years we have maintained long-term relationships.  Many of our entertainment clients have retained us for over 20 years and still counting.


--     A well-known and top-ranked entertainment executive had received a substantial signing bonus to guarantee their employment for a five-year period.  The signing bonus was to be paid out over a five-year period and in the first year was incorrectly counted twice, once on an amended W-2 and secondly through a special trust income distribution Form K-1.  The original negotiations and final contract involved over three months of work and our firm had discovered the double counting, there by saving the client over $50,000 in the first year.


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